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Wastewater COVID monitoring

MARS Lab monitors COVID levels in UConn’s wastewater

Spring 2021 Newsletter

How well do you know the Long Island Sound?

Biogeochemistry in Wetlands

DPH: Drinking Water Testing

List of certified drinking water testing labs in Connecticut provided by the Dept. of Public Health.

Spring 2020 Newsletter

“How do I build a rain garden?”

Forecasting the Resilience of Vernal Pool Ecosystems to Climate-Mediated Hydrological Disruptions

CT NEMO: Nonpoint Source Pollution Factsheets


Learn how to reduce the amount of impervious surfaces on your property. Read these factsheets focused on driveways and rooftops.

Spring 2019 Newsletter

How well do you know Well Water?

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Leaching from Compost-Amended Lawns

EPA: Septic System Maintenance

EPA recommendations on why you should maintain your septic system.

How do your lawn habits affect the local environment?

UConn Clear: Groundwater Webinar

CT NEMO: Lawn Fertilizer Factsheet


Learn how to minimize pollution and maximize effectiveness of lawn fertilizer.

UConn CLEAR: Road Salt Use in Connecticut

CT NEMO: How to Build a Rain Garden

rain garden

Learn how to design, install and maintain a rain garden at your home.