About the Connecticut Institute of Water Resources

Mission & Origin

While located at the University of Connecticut, the Connecticut Institute of Water Resources's mission is to collaborate with and serve all colleges and universities in the state to resolve state and regional water related problems and provide a strong connection between water resource managers and the academic community, in addition to sharing the results of water resources research and other information with the general public.

The Connecticut Institute of Water Resources (CTIWR) mission is stipulated by the Federal Water Resources Research Act and involves two programmatic responsibilities.

The first is to plan, conduct and otherwise arrange for competent research that fosters:

    (a) The entry of new research scientists into the water resources fields.

    (b) The training and education of future water scientists, engineers and technicians.

    (c) The preliminary exploration of new ideas that address water problems or expand understanding of water and water related phenomenon.

    (d) The dissemination of research results to water managers and the public.

The second responsibility is to cooperate closely with other colleges and universities in Connecticut that have demonstrated capabilities for research information dissemination, and graduate training in order to develop a statewide program designed to resolve state and regional water and related land problems.

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Core funding for the CTIWR program comes from the USGS 104b Base Grant Program. The bulk of these Base Grant funds are distributed to water resource researchers in Connecticut through a competitive grants process.The water resources institutes are required by law to be located at each state’s land grant university (or some other site designated by the governor). The Connecticut Institute of Water Resources is currently located within the Department of Natural Resource and the Environment (NRE), in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources at the University of Connecticut. Both the Director, Dr. Michael Dietz, and the Associate Director, Mr. James Hurd, are NRE faculty members.

Research & Training

The CTIWR responds to topical environmental issues in Connecticut through a state-wide Advisory Board. The Institute facilitates applied and basic research in response to annual priorities established by these support bodies. The research program also supports the training of future water resource professionals by providing financial support to graduate students.

Information Transfer

Water related information is disseminated to the state of Connecticut through its web site, seminar series, reports and special workshops. The Institute's web site contains abstracts of recent research projects, the current year's seminar series, a publication database, special project information and links to other water related sites. The seminar series provides a forum for all water-related interests to present and discuss related environmental issues. IWR maintains a library of its research and special reports, as well as selected USGS publications for Connecticut. Through its Digital Archives Project the institute has been able to make many of these documents available over the web or in CD format.

Liaison Activities

By serving on selected state-wide committees and meeting with its Advisory Board, IWR maintains a close consultation and collaboration with various state and federal environmental agencies, leading water resources officials and interested members of the public. IWR also participates in the College of Agriculture's Water Team.

CTIWR Advisory Board

Peter Aarrestad
(alt: Bill Hyatt)
Director, Inland Fisheries Division
Bureau of Natural Resources
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
79 Elm St.
Hartford, CT 06106-1632
Phone: (860) 424-4171
Email: peter.aarrestad@ct.gov
Chet Arnold
Cooperative Extension
University of Connecticut
Haddam Extension Center
1066 Saybrook Rd.
Haddam, CT 06438
Phone: (860) 345-4511
Email: chester.arnold_jr@uconn.edu
Ross Bagtzoglou
Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Connecticut
UNIT 2037
Storrs, CT 06269-2037
Email: amvrossios.bagtzoglou@uconn.edu
Chris Bellucci
Supervising Environmental Analyst
Bureau of Water Management and Land Reuse
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
79 Elm St.
Hartford CT 06106 -5127
Phone: (860) 424-3735
Email: christopher.bellucci@ct.gov
Gaboury Benoit
Forestry and Environmental Studies
Yale University
New Haven, CT 06520
Phone:(203) 432-5139
Email: gaboury.benoit@yale.edu
Web: http://environment.yale.edu/benoit-lab/#gsc.tab=0
Alicea Charamut
Connecticut River Conservancy
The DeKoven House
27 Washington St. Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: 413-772-2020 ext. 216
Email: acharamut@ctriver.org
Web: https://www.ctriver.org
Jim MacBroom
Milone and MacBroom
99 Realty Drive
Cheshire, CT 06410
Phone: 203-271-1773
Fax: 203-272-9733
Email: jimm@miloneandmacbroom.com
Web: http://www.miloneandmacbroom.com
Lori Mathieu
(alt: Darrell Smith)
Public Health Section Chief
Department of Public Health - Drinking Water Section
410 Capitol Avenue, MS#51WAT
Hartford, CT 06134
Phone:(860) 509-7333
Fax:(860) 509-7359
Email: lori.mathieu@ct.gov
Web: www.dph.state.ct.us
Jon Morrison
Supervisory Hydrologist
US Geological Survey
New England Water Science Center
101 Pitkin St.
East Hartford, CT 06108
Phone: (860) 291-6761
Fax: (860) 291-6799
Email: jmorriso@usgs.gov
David Radka
Connecticut Water Co.
93 W. Main St.
Clinton, CT 06413
Phone: (860) 669-8636
Fax: (860) 669-9326
Email: dradka@ctwater.com
Peter Siver
Department of Botany
Connecticut College
Box 5605
270 Mohegan Ave.
New London, CT 06320-4196
Phone: (860-439-2160
Email: pasiv@conncoll.edu

CTIWR Record of Directors

    Name Years of Service College
    William Kennard 1964 - 1976 Agriculture and Natural Resources
    Victor Scrottron 1976 - 1983 Engineering
    Carol Burke 1983 - 1986 Agriculture and Natural Resources
    Donald Squires 1986 - 1988 Liberal Arts & Sciences
    David Miller 1988 - 1993 Agriculture and Natural Resources
    Eileen Jokinen (Acting) 1993 - 1994 Agriculture and Natural Resources
    Hugo Thomas 1994 - 2000 Agriculture and Natural Resources
    Glenn Warner 2000 - 2018 Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources
    Michael Dietz 2018 - present Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources